Frequently asked questions

What is Toronto’s Discovery District?

Toronto’s Discovery District is a partnership of government, academic, and healthcare institutions coming together to form an integrated research environment, serving Canada’s and the world’s biomedical discovery community. Toronto’s Discovery District is responsible for over $1 billion of research annually, taking research and innovation from bench to bedside, from concept to final product.

How are the technology transfer and commercialization offices of Toronto’s Discovery District organized?

Technology arising from Toronto’s Discovery District can be accessed from the technology transfer offices of the member institutions. Contact information can be found on the individual profiles of the Discovery District members contained herein.

What are some of the success stories of the Discovery District?

Member institutions have worked with industry partners in everything from early-stage and preclinical research collaborations, up to and including human Phase III clinical trials. Toronto’s research community has a long history of “firsts”, including anti-rabies vaccines, the heart pacemaker and “Pablum”, the first scientifically designed baby food. More recent breakthroughs include the isolation of T-Cell and Dopamine receptors, and isolating genes for muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis, Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer. Footnotes on each page identify some additional breakthrough discoveries. For a detailed list of Toronto’s world firsts contact Matt Buist at the City of Toronto (

What are the opportunities and services provided in the Discovery District?

In-licensing/ out-licensing and service opportunities abound. Please see the member institution profile pages within Toronto’s Discovery District Profile (pdf) for the services provided to industry.

What incentive programs are available to support the development of a vibrant biotechnology industry and help reduce costs?

Thanks to federal and provincial tax credit programs, conducting research within Toronto’s Discovery District can reduce research costs by up to 66%. Speak with any Discovery District member institution representative and find out how partnering within Toronto’s Discovery District can help you.